What to look for in an electrician

If you're looking for an electrician you can trust, and who ticks all the boxes, we hope the following checklist will prove useful. Some of these recommendations may seem obvious, others less so. And some are just common sense! In no particular order:

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Tradespeople – those folks on whose expertise we all rely from time to time.


Most of them merit our trust, but sadly we all have experience – directly or vicariously – of those who do not.


For some trades it doesn’t matter so much. A window cleaner may do a less-than-thorough job, but those streaks on the French doors will wipe off. Your shelves might be a bit wonky thanks to a dodgy carpenter, but that’s a rectifiable annoyance rather than a calamity.


But for others – heating engineers, for instance, and especially electricians – it matters hugely.


Having electrical systems properly fitted and maintained is at best the difference between stuff working and not working, and, in extremis, the difference between life and death.


If you’re a landlord or a property manager, responsible for not just your own safety but that of your tenants, the need to find someone who’s 100 per cent reliable becomes even more pressing.


If you’re looking for an electrician you can trust, and who ticks all the boxes, we hope the following checklist will prove useful. Some of these recommendations may seem obvious, others less so. And some are just common sense! In no particular order:



You need an electrical contractor who will turn up when they say they will


There are plenty of sole traders out there. Their experience and expertise may not be in question, but it’s in the nature of a one-man band to shift jobs around to optimise their own workflow. In other words, your job may get sent to the back of the queue. Or you can opt for a larger company, where any member of the team can be deployed to do what you need them to do – when you need them to do it.



Use an NICEIC-approved contractor


The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting regulates the training and work of electrical enterprises in the UK. Electrical contractors who meet the NICEIC’s specifications can register with the organisation to become approved contractors. If work undertaken by an approved contractor falls short, the NICEIC will correct it as necessary. Work is checked by a national network of Area Engineers.



Ask for recommendations from others


Talk to people in a similar position, with similar responsibilities to yourself. Who do they use? Why? How long have they used them? Have they employed them on a particular job? What was it? How did it go? Any high or low points? What’s the aftercare like? If possible, seek at least three recommendations. They may not all recommend the same company, but a pattern will emerge as to what you need to look for in an electrical contractor for your particular job.



Check websites and reviews


Time spent surfing the internet will enable you to canvass an even wider spread of opinions. One caveat though: reviews on the web are not always what they seem. Beware of anything that seems too glowingly positive to be true. It probably isn’t! If in doubt, contact the company who (apparently) posted the review.



Look for an electrical contractor who can put themselves in your shoes


You know your property (with all its quirks and eccentricities), and the requirements of your business, inside and out. An electrical contractor who can demonstrate an understanding of the fabric of your building, and how you operate, can be invaluable. They won’t waste your time recommending solutions that don’t suit your needs. Instead, they will advise on when such-and-such an installation, or gadget, is both practical and sensible – and, just as importantly, when it isn’t.



Establish a long-term relationship with your electrical contractor


Rental properties need regular electrical safety checks, and any maintenance and repairs need to be undertaken efficiently and safely. You will save time and money if your electrical contractor knows their way around your systems – knowledge they will gain with repeat visits to your premises.



Excel Electrical can help!


Reliability, experience, and competence are the qualities you should be looking for in an electrical contractor. At Excel Electrical we favour excellence over competence, and we’re always looking to build new working relationships with an ever-growing customer base – in East Anglia and further afield.


Give us a call on 01508 488007, and let’s see if there’s a spark!


Excel Electrical: the power is in your hands.



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