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Technology is a rapidly developing industry, the constant release and updates of new and innovate solutions to simplify our lives, and none more so than in the work of smart home technology.

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Technology is a rapidly developing industry, the constant release and updates of new and innovate solutions to simplify our lives, and none more so than in the work of smart home technology. Futuristic concepts one seen in the movies form in-house robots to motion doors, have planted and watered the seed concept of smart home ideas.


So it is not so surprising that in recent years, smart home trends have been more common. Some of them are discussed below.



1. Smart Sensors


Smart sensors are one of the most common features of smart homes. They’ve saved homeowners from time-sensitive emergencies, reduced anxiety levels while protecting lives and possessions.


Motion sensors within the home are what trigger other safety and security systems in the home from lights to CCTV cameras.


These types of sensors in addition to providing safety and security to your home also conserve energy by turning off the lights when they’re not in use.


Occupancy sensors which detect when someone is in the room and can be programmed to trigger lights, heating and devices accordingly.


There are also glass break and door sensors that notify homeowners of any break-in attempt. And with windows and doors as easy points of entry, these sensors help to provide next level safety and security within the home.



2. Health Tracking and Monitoring Systems


With more of us spending increased time at home, recent attention has been turned on how we can improve and health and wellbeing in the home through technology. One exciting development in this is the smart bed.


With the aid of sensors and other technologies, the smart bed gathers data about sleep – the duration, heart rate, how restful the sleep was, and much more. It then analyses and interprets this data, which informs on how to adjust and ultimately help improve the users’ sleep.


Similarly, there is the smart fitness mirror featuring an LCD screen that can check techniques or exercises, and shows recommended fitness classes. The fitness classes range from yoga, cardio, strength and much more. Some brands of smart mirrors have built-in cameras and Bluetooth heart-rate monitors.


There are many smart kitchen accessories available from a Smart Mug which keeps your hot drinks at the perfect temperature all day to Smart cooking devices that allow you to turn on your casserole from the office!



3. Virtual Assistant Technology


Of all smart home trends, the voice assistant is perhaps the most common. These are technologies that can interact with humans and perform minor tasks by obeying voice commands.


Usually, voice assistant technologies are connected to other home devices like electricity, the heating, the television, etc. as such, it is possible to control these devices through voice commands.


Voice assistant technologies offer a lot of benefits. For one, they afford homeowners the ease of accessibility to devices around the home.


Whether you are wondering what temperature your heating is set to, whether you left the TV on, or want to shut the blinds, there is a voice activated device that can do it all on command, so you don’t have to even leave the sofa!



4. Smart Locks


Keys are so 20th century! Smart locks are where it is at now!


Unlike the regular home locks that are prone to being picked, stolen or copied; a real security threat, smart locks bring a fresh relief. With the use of artificial intelligence, locking homes has never been so easy.


With AI technology, homeowners can grant or take away access to their homes remotely, and also be able to detect when a lock has been tampered with.



5. Home Robots


Home robots have now become a common feature of smart homes. They are used for simple tasks around the home from cleaning the floors to cutting the grass, as well as entertainment for children. With the use of AI technology, home roots can recognise homeowners and their family members, friends and colleagues, and attend to them when necessary.


There is no doubt that 2023 is has bought a range of exciting new innovations to our homes with 2024 set to offer even more!




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