Electric Heating

Excel Electrical Services Ltd will complete design and install of all your electric heating requirements. We will provide certification on completion as required under part ‘p’ regulations for building control.

Electric Central Heating without Pipes
Traditionally, electric heating has been one of the more expensive ways to heat your home or office but now there is are electric heating systems that provide powerful and controllable electric heating with proven low running costs.

Not to be confused with night storage heaters! These new electric heating systems do not require economy 7 or any special meters. They will operate at low running costs on the standard electricity tariff and you just plug them in! They can be used on the existing night storage heater circuit with the economy 7meter removed.

Electric heating is the easiest and quickest type of heating to install; there is minimal disruption to you and your home. There are no flues, no unsightly pipes, no potential pipe-work leakage’s, no risk of poisonous gas escapes, just a simple unobtrusive wall fixing and connection to the electricity supply.

  Underfloor Heating
Why underfloor heating? Underfloor heating acts like a large, low level radiator gently radiating heat into the room from the feet up, this requires approximately 15% less energy to feel the same level of comfort experienced using traditional radiator convection heating.

Furniture can be positioned without the constraint of radiators. The room is an even comfortable temperature with no cold spots. Ceramic and hard finish floors feel warm and welcoming. Individual room temperature control can be provided with programmable room thermostats.

There are two types of underfloor heating – Water or Electric also referred to as Wet and Dry systems.

Wet Underfloor Heating Systems
Warm water is circulated through a series of pipes laid in the floor at the time of construction. The water is heated by means of a heat pump or a traditional gas/oil boiler. For these type of systems we work with local heating engineers to design and install.

Electric Underfloor Heating
Electric underfloor heating is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories or any other room you may require it for.

Heat mats or cables are installed and can be fitted underneath flooring such as flooring tiles, laminates or carpets.