Electricity: beat the bills in your business!

From corner shops and office blocks to warehouses and mega-factories, businesses and their premises are all different. There is no magic formula to keep your electricity bills low, but there are things that all businesses can do to manage their energy costs.

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It seems that for energy prices, the only way is up. While we’re all tightening our belts at home, businesses are also taking a good look at current usage, and where they can make savings.


Of course, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. From corner shops and office blocks to warehouses and mega-factories, businesses and their premises are all different. There is no magic formula to keep your electricity bills low, but there are things that all businesses can do to manage their energy costs.


For example, your heating probably runs on oil or gas. Not Excel Electrical’s area, but there are steps you can take to reduce your fuel usage, and bring down your electricity costs at the same time.



Strategise and prioritise


In a perfect world, every company would have the time and money needed to build or retrofit a more energy-efficient commercial building.


This is not an ideal world – but there’s no law that says you have to do everything in one hit. Work out what your priorities are – taking into account the level of disruption, the cost implications, and the payback time – and timetable those improvements first.



Insulation, insulation, insulation


Depending on the age of your office suite or industrial unit, it may already be as insulated as it can be. If not, insulation is relatively inexpensive and needn’t be overly disruptive. Double glazing (itself a form of insulation) might be worth considering, too. Government grants and loans are available to help pay for energy-efficiency upgrades: click here for more information.



Harness your heat sources


If you’re looking to reduce your heating costs, bear in mind that a great many business machines – computers, photocopiers, printers and manufacturing plant – give off heat. Look at ways to harness some of those heat sources. Centralising your tech, for example, will go a long way towards heating that space.



Don’t heat – or light – unused spaces


Your offices and/or factory floor are probably occupied constantly during the day. But what about the boardroom? Staff restrooms? Recreational spaces?


There are motion-sensitive devices on the market that turn the lights on when a room is occupied, and off when it isn’t. You can find easy-to-use timers to turn the heating on and off in particular spaces – for a board meeting, or during the lunch hour. The key is to automate these processes – the less you and your employees have to think about them, the more effective they are likely to be! Excel Electrical will be happy to advise you on what’s available, carry out your installation, and instruct you in how to get the best from your new money-saving gadgets.



Daylight is free!


It’s surprising how many offices and shops are flooded with natural light during the day, but persist in keeping the lights on. Save yourself the job of regulating your light levels, and use a sensor to turn the lights on (or, more importantly, off) according to whatever preset ambience you require. Excel Electrical will be pleased to advise you, and to supply and install these units.



Talking of lighting…


Standard incandescent lightbulbs are extremely inefficient. Less than 10% of the electrical energy they use is converted to light, while the remaining 90% becomes heat.


Halogen lightbulbs look similar, but the filament is encased in a pocket of halogen gas. These bulbs burn brighter, use less electricity, and last up to twice as long as a standard bulb.


LED bulbs have been around for some time, but only recently have improvements in efficiency, cost and output made them viable for business use.


These environmentally-friendly bulbs can work for up to 50,000 hours (within the specified temperature range) and use around ten watts of power to produce 60 (incandescent) watts-worth of light. This provides efficiency gains of up to 80%.


Excel Electrical will work with you to design, supply, and install a low-voltage lighting system tailored to the needs of your premises.



Educate your staff


Automation and new electrical gizmos and gadgetry will get you so far – but your employees need to be aware of what you’re doing, the steps you’re taking, and the rationale behind those changes.


Explain what you are doing, and how they can play their part. Turning lights off, not leaving laptops on standby, boiling just enough water for a cuppa, and so on.


These are testing times. But by making changes where you can – to your electrical equipment and how you use it, and more generally – you can seize the initiative, and keep your energy bills affordable.



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