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How Often Should My Property Have An Electrical Installation Inspection?

Recommended Frequencies of Inspection of Electrical Installations




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Electrical installations should not be left without any attention for the period of years that are normally allowed between formal Periodic inspections. Electrical Testing & Inspecting at regular intervals is important.

Domestic Properties

In domestic premises it is presumed that the Occupier will soon notice any breakages or excessive wear and arrange for precautions to be taken and repairs to be carried out.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial installations come under the ‘Electricity at Work Regulations 1989′. Formal arrangements are required for maintenance and interim routine checks (as well as periodic inspections). Therefore, there should be also be facilities to receive wear-and-tear reports from users of the premises.

The frequency & type of these routine checks will depend entirely upon the nature of the premises. Consequently, should be set by the electrical duty holder.

Note that ‘Routine checks’ need not be carried out by an electrically skilled person but should be undertaken by somebody who is able to safely use the installation and recognise defects.

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Frequency of Periodic Inspections

Frequency of Periodic Inspections


These must be carried out by an Electrically Skilled person.

Type of InstallationRoutine CheckMaximum Period Between Inspections & Testing
General Installation 
Domestic Accommodation – generalChange of Occupancy / 10 years
Domestic Accommodation – rented houses & flats1 YearChange of Occupancy / 5 Years
Residential Accommodation (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) – halls of residence, nurses accommodation etc 1 YearChange of Occupancy / 5 Years
Commercial1 YearChange of Occupancy / 5 Years
Educational Establishments6 Months5 Years
Industrial 1 Year3 Years
Offices1 Year5 Years
Shops 1 Year5 Years
Laboratories1 Year5 Years
Hospitals & Medical Clinics  
Hospitals & Medical Clinics – General areas1 Year5 Years
Hospital & Medical Clinics – Medical Locations6 months 1 Year
Buildings Open to the Public  
Cinemas1 Year1-3 Years
Church Installations1 Year5 Years
Leisure Complexes (excluding swimming pools)1 Year3 Years
Places of public entertainment1 Year3 Years
Restaurants & Hotels1 Year5 Years
Theatres1 Year3 Years
Public Houses1 Year5 Years
Village Halls / Community Centres1 Year5 Years
Special & Specific Installations (for medical locations see above)  
Agriculture & Horticulture1 Year3 Years
Caravans1 Year3 Years
Caravan Parks6 months1 Year
Highway Power SuppliesAs convenient6-8 Years
Marinas4 months1 Year
Fish Farms4 months1 Year
Swimming Pools4 months1 Year
Emergency LightingDaily/Monthly3 Years
Fire AlarmsDaily/Weekly1 Year
LaundrettesMonthly1 Year
Petrol Filling Stations1 Year1 Year
Construction Site Installations3 Months3 Months

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