Common Electrical Hazards in the workplace

Awareness of potential electrical hazards, and fixing them promptly should they occur, is necessary not just for your colleagues’ continued good health (or survival!) – but also to protect your bottom line.

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Common electrical hazards in the workplace


Electricity. A boon to all our lives, but potentially life-threatening if not handled with care. This is true at home, of course – but perhaps especially at work, where there are more people using more electrical appliances more intensively. Awareness of potential electrical hazards, and fixing them promptly should they occur, is necessary not just for your colleagues’ continued good health (or survival!) – but also to protect your bottom line. Injuries caused by an organisation’s failure to observe electrical best practice could result in expensive litigation. These are some of the dangers you (and your colleagues) should be looking out for. If in doubt contact a domestic electrican – Excel Electrical – Electrician Norfolk.



Electrical equipment that is poorly installed or maintained


Using a qualified, experienced, reputable electrical contractor will ensure that your equipment is properly installed. Thereafter, for continued healthy-and-safety compliance and peace of mind, ensure that all electrical equipment is regularly checked for faults.



Overloaded sockets


There are a lot of electrical appliances in a typical office or factory, and it is all too easy to plug them into a multi-plug adapter or plugboard and hope for the best. Easy – but wrong, and a reliable way to increase the risk of electrical fires as your wall sockets start to get overloaded. Signs of overload include burning smells, smoke, sparks, fuses that keep blowing, and more – but the best advice is always one device per socket.



Faulty wiring and equipment


If your company’s printers, heaters, kettles, coffee machines and so on are not properly maintained and compliant with industry standards, you risk ending up with a dangerous working environment.



Incorrect fuse replacement

If you’re fitting or replacing a fuse, make sure you use the correct fuse for the appliance. Check the manual, or the label on the appliance, to determine the wattage of the device and the capacity of fuse needed.



Exposed live wires


Temporary or faulty installations – for example a light fitting that isn’t covered, or a broken wall socket – could mean exposed live wires, leading to shocks and burns. It’s important that all electrical components are safely and correctly covered up.



Exposure to water


Electricity and water don’t mix. Nevertheless, there are businesses where the two are forced to coexist – laundrettes for instance, or car valeting operations. Care should be taken that the water in a pressure washer for example. Or a washing machine or other device is always well isolated from the electricity powering the unit. Where necessary your staff should receive extra training, and there might even be a need for PPE. And everyone – everyone, everywhere – should dry their hands thoroughly after washing them, before going near anything electrical.



Damaged insulation


Electrical insulation should always be kept in tip-top condition, but it can degrade over time. The workplace environment doesn’t help either – things get bumped, knocked and scraped, simply because people don’t take as much care as they should, and there are more of them about (for longer) to do the bumping, knocking and scraping!



Improper earthing


Earthing your electrical installations ensures that any excess or misdirected electricity goes into the ground. Thus protecting you and your colleagues from electric shock. All electrical installations, systems and devices must be earthed – if not, you’re at risk of electrocution.



Vigilance is everything!


The people who are best placed to keep their eye on things at work are obviously those who are there day to day. But sometimes a fresh, expert opinion is called for. An electrical healthcheck, if you like. Excel Electrical can help. Our experienced engineers will look at what you’re using and how you’re using it. Making recommendations as to what might need repairing or replacing (and when), and carry out whatever work is necessary to keep you, your colleagues and your organisation safe. Excel Electrical – Electrician Norfolk.


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